Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meet the Apartment 104 Girls: Past and Present...and a few friends

Erin and Becky
Halloween 2009
Erin, Becky, Megan
Preparing for Iron Chef Competition
Megan, Aubrey, Becky
Late Night Randomness...we were all tired and delirious
Hotness...need I say more?
Leslie, Megan, Becky
Becky, Charity, Megan
Our old roommate is having a baby!
Megan and Becky
Erin's from Whoville
Erin, Megan, Becky
Silly Faces before Colbie Caillat Concert
Aubrey, Liz, Becky, Erin, Megan
After Colbie Caillat Concert
Becky, Sandra, Charity, Morgan, Megan
Roommate Charity got MARRIED!
Morgan, Charity, Sandra, Becky
Gotta wear hot shoes no matter where you are going!
Charity and Megan
The Gardens
Frying Chicken
Becky and Megan
Las Vegas!

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