Monday, April 5, 2010

The Father of My Children

It's finals of the most stressful weeks of the semester. In on of my classes, we discuss various cases each week. This week we are discussing our final case and it happens to be on in vitro fertilization. I was reading an in vitro contract while studying at the library. I needed a good laugh, so I looked over at my roommate, Megan, and said, "What if I really got a guy to sign this?" We don't know why, maybe it was because the library can make one delusional, we thought it was hilarious. So, I printed the contract off and decided to have one of my guy friends sign it. We left the library with a mission. I folded the paper so only the signature line for the husband would be showing. I asked my friend to sign it. After a little convincing and promising I would give him the paper after he signed it, he put his John Hancock on it. I signed it and had a witness sign it and woo-lah, I had a baby-dady. As promised, I let him keep the contract. I still think its hilarious that I talked a guy into signing a contract for in vitro. I told him I picked him because I wanted my children to be as healthy, tall, handsome, and smart and he was the only guy I could think of that exhibited those characteristics. Some might not think my story is funny...but I find it hilarious.

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